Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's About Time To Update...

So between school and being a stay at home mom I usually only get time to check other's blogs rather than update my own!  What was I thinking taking 14 credits??  haha, Kevin is also taking 14 credits and is working whenever he gets a spare moment.  We have thankfully passed midterms and cannot wait for this crazy semester to be over.  Jack amazes us everyday with what a strong baby he is, no really he is so hard to wrestle with.  He is full of so much love and is the best thing to ever happen to us. It's hard to keep track of the little rolling pin, but I should enjoy it because I don't think he is too far from crawling.  Of course, he does have some challenging aspects as well!  This kid hates to sleep.  Every night is an absolute battle.  It wouldn't be so bad if once he fell asleep that was it, but he wakes up every 1-2 hours still.  He was doing better before I took him on vacation in December...that seemed to ruin it.  I've read all the books, I've tried all the methods.  It doesn't seem to help to let him cry it out or anything else.  What seems to help the most is just to have him on a schedule.  He doesn't appear to be teething and giving him a little medicine before bed doesn't do much.  I'm telling you- this kid is so alert and so active that when he wakes up at night (which is normal) the last thing he wants to do is go back to sleep.  Well, we are feeling a bit drained with nights like this and school, but I know it won't last forever.  I just really want to teach him good sleeping habits!  I know it is so important so that he can be healthy.  Plus, being so tired makes him very fussy in the day.  Which makes school that much harder for mommy.  Everyone told me once he hit 12 pounds he would sleep better, and once he hit 6 months he would sleep through the night.  Well, he is almost 18 pounds and he is 25 weeks on Tuesday, so you are all liars :) just kidding.  Luckily, he is cute to make up for it.  Of course I have a bajillion pictures and videos, so I will try to only put the very best on here, but it is so hard to choose!!!  If you keep up with my facebook you'll have seen them all.  Well, until next time!!
ps- 144 days until I graduate college!!!! It's going to happen!

This is his new exercise that he does.  It cracks me up everytime. Wiggle Wiggle!

Dr Seuss Outfit!

In The Hood

Visiting the UP house!

loves hims bathtime

moustache cookies

christmas party


loves showers


Am I doing this right?

baby its cold outside

raising him right

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Sometimes I forget that I have a blog.
Sorry Everyone.  With school starting this week this site may be very neglected until I am really needing to procrastinate.  Thanks for keeping up with me anyway...