Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm No Good At Blogging, But I'm Better At It Than Homework

Hello dearest friends and family,
Well here I am, saturday night, the night I should be finishing up all those projects due Monday morning.  Have I started them, no.  What a perfect time to start a family blog.  I got a new email address so we're starting afresh blogging as well.  Don't expect me to post too often- just when procrastination is in full force.  We're going pretty well.  I'm still getting good practice at getting up several times a night (just preparing for when the baby gets here)  Whether it's to pee for the 500th time, eat gummy bears (the perfect 3am snack) or help Kevin dig through storage to find the humidifier so we can both sleep through his cold, I'm getting plenty of practice.  To see the video from the 9 week ultra sound, click below where it says "baby's ultra sound" :)  I will be 12 weeks as of this wednesday, so not too much longer in this first trimester.  I sure hope the 2nd is a lot better like everyone says!

Baby's Ultra Sound