Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Ode To Strawberries

Ok so i LOVE strawberries these days.  (this is why i chose the red font) I eat them all the time.  They're what i go for in the middle of the night when i wake up starving (i always eat exactly four, then i sleep peacefully).  They're my favorite breakfast... and if i do eat cereal i make sure to incorporate them.  I go through a box in like 3 days.  But a 3 dollar box of strawberries is better than a 3 dollar hamburger right?  Also- i just have to say they make the ideal snacking food during class, and as they get better and better as the season comes in- i think the jealousy of others is also growing.  
Speaking of growing...

holy cow.  it comes out of nowhere!  Just looking at the ultra sound for 9 weeks and then 13 weeks kind of blows my mind.  I can't imagine how fast this baby is going to grow after its actually born (btw- i can stop using the pronoun it in about a month.  :) yay.  we're supposed to find out the sex at the end of april)    

9 weeks
13 weeks

With the baby growing so fast- so am I.  I noticed an actual "through the clothes" bump right before 14 weeks, and by about 15 weeks I had grown enough that people are starting to say things to me.

14 weeks
15 weeks
It doesn't look like a huge difference in the picture- but trust me- it feels like it!  The most frustrating part is outgrowing clothes.  My jeans don't button comfortably (especially sitting down).  So I blew off all my friday night projects to go to Idaho Falls after work and buy a pair of maternity jeans.  I'd tried a pair on and love the feel so much better than the belly band (see, i have no unbuttoned and too tight in the front, they still fall off in the back too much)  This shopping trip i felt completely discriminated against.  All i wanted was an ever-loving pair of jeans!  No where had them!  Most stores didn't even carry a maternity line.  and if they did the selection was super limited (meaning they don't work for my chicken legs and lack of butt) and like 60 bucks a pair.  So yes, I get to go online maternity jeans shopping and guess which ones will fit.  Lucky me.  I'm waiting on my first pair in the mail now *fingers crossed*  I just don't understand it.  It's not like this area has a lack of pregnant women.  They're missing out on some serious funding.  A special thanks to:
Motherhood, Target, Old Navy, TJ Max, Sears, JC Pennys, Ross, Wal Mart, and Mommy and Me for ruining my weekend.  Get some jeans in already!

Now that I've finished venting...
There have been some good things.  Kevin already put together a dresser, changing table,and dresser for the baby.  He was just so excited to build things (i would occasionally hear tim the tool man noises coming from the back room).  The crib will just be holding some storage until the baby comes since it's already set up and taking up room. :) Kevin wants to steal the dresser since we don't actually have a real one.  But i won't let him.  our plastic 3 drawer thing from wal mart works fine. I want the nice one to match the nursery.  And so begins the spoiling and the "kids have better stuff than you have."  fine with me :)
yes. the drum posters are still there.
We also received as gifts "baby's first drum" and "baby's first chick-fil-a cow".  Both of these I am very excited about.  We hope this kid likes drums.  It's ok if they don't...but I'm just sayin... I don't know how well they'll fit in.... :)
my baby holding our baby's first drum

drum is full of little shakers and tambourines that look like cute little bugs :)

too bad i'm still craving this amazing chicken and have to go to utah to get it.  even more too bad is that last time we were in utah i didn't get any....
Other than that... school is wrapping up for the semester.  We have the rest of this week and next week and then a week of finals.  It's pretty stressful right now.  I'm not gonna lie.  It's the month of concerts and juries and that time of year music majors are even more swamped.  We're both working full time during spring break (which sounds pretty exhausting to me...not really like a break)  But the good thing is I won't have homework after work for a week.  Maybe I'll actually make dinner or something.  I'm so excited for a new start this next semester.  This one has been really tough and overwhelming for both of us.  Our schedule was way too overbooked and we didn't know we were going to be pregnant on top of that- but next semester I'm hoping we'll find a little more balance and a little more sleep (since we planned it knowing I was going to be huge and exhausted).  Once next semester lets out we'll have about 6 weeks until the baby is due.  Then I will have 2 semesters to graduation.  Luckily I'll only have some generals and some education psychology left (which i can mostly do online so i can be home more and still nurse when i'm back to school in the winter)  I should graduate July 2012 with my BA in Music with clusters in Instrumental Music and Education and School Psychology.  That day will be so great.  Kevin still has forever left, but that's alright.
Well I have a class in a half hour and a concert tonight- so I will try to blog again soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

post two! i'm doing better already!

It's been a week since the first post- but it took me that long just to get the design set up! The blog is now officially open for business.  I'm really excited to be in touch with everyone again! :)