Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Semester Here We Come!

So...I planned to do this at the start of the week- but our "break" has been busy.  We've both been working full time (well until i went home early today...something is weird with a nerve in my back/leg, and its super hard for me to walk around, pretty painful..a lady told me the baby is probably sitting on a nerve)  I've been having a couple weird health things this week.  I felt like i was getting charlie horses all over for a couple days- it was pretty miserable.  So i drank 83 oz of water and gatorade one day...and now i think my body feels much better!  I'm 18 weeks along now, so I'm excited to start feeling more "little flutters" or kicks soon.  I think mostly i still just feel muscles stretching.  But sometimes i'm like "what was that?? what that the baby???...."  Heres a picture from just over a week ago:
This was at 17 weeks about- right after I finished my last jury of the semester- that was such a relief!!
Now we are looking forward to the end of the month- in 2 weeks we get to find out the sex of the baby!!
School starts again on Tuesday.  Im excited about some of the classes...but kind of anxious about the semester.  I'm registered for 17 credits.  Somehow we'll make it.  Somehow by the grace of God (literally, this is a miracle) I ended up with 6 As, 1 A-, and 1 B- this semester.  And Kevin got all As and Bs too.  We finish school for the year at the end of July- with 6 weeks until our baby is due to come :)  We're taking a week to be with my family in home sweet home Cheyenne Wyoming for Frontier Days- then home to make final preparations.  Kevin will (as of now) be able to work full time in the fall- so I'll be able to stay home with the baby.  Then come january I'll be taking mostly online classes (in order to graduate spring 2012) and Kevin will be working and in school.  Busy busy!!

I hope to update again soon- thanks for all your love and support everyone :)