Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 weeks til our little boy gets here!

NO MORE SCHOOL! NO MORE SCHOOL! Well it's about time I update, considering our last post was during midterms.  We've been doing really well and are so happy to be finished with school until January (then I graduate next july- woohoo!)  Kevin will graduate a year after that with his Bachelors (ps- he got an internship for next fall right here in Rexburg! we are so happy and relieved).  He has a semester post-grad to finish up grad school pre-reqs and then he'll be working until we move-wherever grad school will be. haha but that is still two years away.
Before school got out- we were able to go down to Idaho Falls for 4th of July for the big fireworks with our bestie Jacquie.  It was really fun until it was over.  The traffic was awful and there were no cops helping.  A half hour drive took 3 1/2 hours- we didn't get home til after 2am- and ask any pregnant girl how fun it is to sit in traffic for that.  Kevin says we're never going back there again.  But before all that was fun- look at us, all unsuspecting...

We managed to pull off a pretty good semester.  I had 6 As and one A minus.  Ain't that the way.  Missed a 4.0 by like a tenth of a point- but that's alright- I still got a helpful scholarship.  Kevin pulled As and Bs that smartie (he had some pretty rough classes).  Here are some pictures of our adventures during the last bit of school-
Birthday "cake" I made for Kevin- cheap and he likes these candy bars better anyway
birthday present- plastic banana wrapped in dollar bills. leave it to a 13 year old sister for this one
classic and cheesy
this was 31 weeks
"prego meets popcorn" -no better way to deal with finals week
this is us studying really hard in the cafeteria before our finals

lets be honest- sometimes finals make you lose your mind
So AFTER finals we went straight to Wyoming for a family reunion of sorts- it was really good to see lots of my mom's family that I haven't seen in a long time.  (but I thought a 4 hour drive was bad...try an 11 hour. ha)

me with auntie summer- she's about 6 weeks behind me? i think?

On the way back to Rexburg we stopped in Utah for a couple days and my dad's family and Kevin's family threw me a cute baby shower.  It was so much fun- and people are so generous.

 So ever since we've been home- we've been nesting away- getting ready for our baby to come.  We are getting very excited and anxious.  Not too long left!  Right now we are both working through the week.  I'm happy that I am getting plenty of hours right now- even though I feel pretty worn out at the end of the day.  But I quit my job at the end of August- two weeks before my actual due date.  Hopefully he'll hold off long enough that I can sleep a little during that time (but not too long- going late would be a nightmare!)  I wanted to share all my loads of pictures of how we have gotten the house ready.  I still have so much organizing to do (the cupboards- the food storage- the bathroom know- spring cleaning stuff)  but i am trying to take it one project at a time.

the woombie- teddy demonstrating how to use it

high chair- for a little bit down the road

swing and car seat

same bassinet that kevin slept in :)



changing table and very important- diaper genie!

mommy's rocking chair

stroller, diaper bag, bouncer

view of nursery walking in

our amazing use of closet space- blankets, sheets, books, toys, too big clothes, baby carrier, etc.


Well the next time I update will probably be with new baby pictures!  Wish us luck!
love you all :)