Sunday, June 12, 2011

halfway through with the semester!

Hello Friends,
I know I don't update very often.  School and work have been very hectic for us this past month or so, but we're happy to report we're doing very well and being taken care of.  I am so happy to be past midterms, even though the projects and papers aren't slowing down at all yet.  I somehow managed 6 a's and 1 a minus, and kevin pulled a's and one b.  we'll see if we can maintain that through the following month and 10 days we have left til the 22nd of july!! We can't wait for that day- out of school til January and on our way to spend some time with my family.  It will be so great.  We are also getting more excited for our little boy to come.  At 25 weeks he was measuring at 27.5 weeks, so they said he may come a little early, but its obviously impossible to know for sure.  My official due date is September 14th- just three months away!  And I keep motivating myself by remembering I only have 9 classes after he's here til I earn my BA in Music.  How's that for a miracle.  Me with a music degree..ha.  Really I'm nowhere skilled enough for that, but we do what we can right?  One more week til the third trimester, then I guess the "i think my spine is going to break in half" feeling will be acceptable.  I don't have any recent baby bump pictures, but here is one from just before 24 weeks:
almost 24 weeks here- jack with his cfa cow

jacks profile at 25 weeks

Well, what else is going on.  Nothing.  School, work, baby stuff.  That's pretty much our life.  We went for a quick trip to utah to see Kevin's family during memorial day, which was a much needed escape from Rexburg.  Going to the Salt Lake Temple was amazingly beautiful.  We have the opportunity to teach the temple prep class right now, which has been a really good experience, so we like doing that instead of just school and work.  And I have a calling within the visiting teaching program so i've been able to work more closely with the relief society presidency, which has also been really great.
We love and miss all of you!