Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IT'S A.......

I'm sure all of you have heard the news by now, since I only update my blog like once a month.  But we are having a baby boy!!  We are so excited- we thought it was a boy this whole time, which made finding out so much better.  He's one special kid. I'm sure of it already.  We've decided on the name Jack for him, it means "God is gracious."  We thought we had the middle name set, but right now its not settled anymore, so I guess we'll figure that out by the time he gets here.  It amazes me how resilient little babies are.  I've had some health scares with him over the last few weeks (oh don't worry, he's been totally fine, no problem).  I've been sick as a dog on and off for the past few weeks.  I was having some really intense growing pains and cramps that we had to make sure we're contractions or anything, but the doctor confirmed he was fine- just growing fast :) 2 weeks ago he was about a pound, and he already feels heavy.  haha I know I'll take that back over the next 4 months.  Wow he's due in 4 months.  That's really not that long.  Then last night, what we thought was just "laryngitis" seemed to compound to a bad wheeze and I really felt like I was drowning.  This was the 3rd night we had dealt with this and i just kept thinking "if i could just sleep maybe i could get better!"  But alas, we ended up calling my doctor about 2 am who sent us to the emergency room.  They did a treatment to open up my lungs, diagnosed me with like three different things, etc.  And Jack?  Totally fine.  So this is why I'm updating my blog today...I'm actually home from school.  It was so nice to sleep a bit last night (even if we didn't go to bed til 430) I'm so glad we went to the hospital- I hate the panicky "I can't breathe" feeling.

Anyway- work and school are crazier than I expected this semester.  I've realized that moms are superwomen...but that means i may not be able to be as perfect at everything else.  I admit 17 credits and 12-15 hours at work and growing a baby is too much- I've finally accepted it.  Kevin's doing pretty much the same thing and spending all his homework time taking care of me with all my health problems lately.  We're trying to figure out what I can drop because I'm thinking its adding to the health stuff.  My husband is the best- he's so sensitive and patient with me, even when i get embarrassed how needy I can be.

In Rigby with a funny dog

My Cousin Ashleigh- she's 6 weeks ahead of me

baby legs


Its a boy!

this is 2 weeks ago- right at my half way point

my cousin Maci- her family surprised us with a visit and stayed a night :)

our drum line last semester
proving i can still drum...i was a lot smaller here though.

To Watch Our Incredibly Active Son Click Below:

Jack Jack

looks like that's all for now!  i'll update again eventually...